Health Code Metadata APIs Overview


What does it do?

Currently, the API covers ICD codes.

In addition to providing names and explanations for each code, the API also provides Wikipedia links (for ICD codes only, coming soon for LOINC), two-way ICD9/10 equivalency mapping, LOINC lookup by property, method, system, or related term, and collected metadata from various drug coding sets. Searching by code name and explanation is also available. Everything comes across in simple, beautiful JSON.

We are currently in the process of testing other medical and healthcare related APIs we have developed for release. If you would like to suggest a useful API you would like to see, shoot us an e-mail.

Quick start

  1. Review the documentation for the API call you want to use.
  2. Create a developer account.
  3. Get an API key for your app.
  4. Integrate into your app.
  5. Profit.

Really, that's it! We will always keep the APIs launched and documented here free to use and available to all developers. Healthcare IT standards and coded values ought to be easy and free for developers to understand, use, and deploy, so these APIs are intended to make that into reality.


What does it cost?

We offer a free tier and competitive paid tier for power users. Read more on the pricing page.

Do I need to register my app, or send an authentication token?

Registering your app is not required, but the amount of calls unregistered apps can make to the API are severely limited. Registration is free and quick!

What is a "user" of the API?

API "users" (also known as "providers") are individual persons who are end users of your client application, such as doctors, admininstrative staff, medical coders, or healthcare consumers.

Are there any restrictions on making user calls to the API?

Code metadata obtained from API calls made using user access tokens cannot be used for internal processing purposes, analytics/machine learning, or by more than one individual per account. If the usage of the API by a particular user account appears be violating these restrictions, retains the right to, at our sole discretion, block access for that user account and/or the client application that registered the account.

What types of applications can I use the APIs for?

Whatever you want! Current customers of the APIs include EHRs, billing systems, and consumer health apps. If you'd like advice on how to integrate the APIs into an application you are building, please just drop us a line.

We're always happy to give you technical advice on how to do so, as well as give you an engineer's perspective on the advantages/drawbacks of the coding systems available via the APIs.

Are there any other API restrictions?

We currently do not allow client applications to "scrape" the codeset APIs (i.e., download a majority of codes for a codeset and store them on your own server) without explicit prior consent by reserves the right to ban or blacklist applications that appear to be engaging in scraping.

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